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Prevalis PRM Lift

Comfortable boarding for the disabled passenger

The Prevalis PRM Transfer Lift is designed for disabled airline passengers as well as airport service personnel.

The PRM Transfer Lift is deployed to lift and transfer PRM passengers (Persons with Reduced Mobility), who need full assistance, in and out of any aircraft seat. This will greatly reduce the need to have PRM passengers lifted manually by airport service personnel.

Manual lifting by airport personnel is experienced as invasive and unwanted by most PRM passengers. In many cases, manual lifting is still the only way to lift PRM passengers in their aircraft seats.

This type of strenuous lifting requires excessive physical effort from airport service personnel, resulting in potentially detrimental consequences, such as back problems and sick leave.

Boarding times are not affected using the PRM Transfer Lift, as the PRM lift is easy to transport around the airport and can be applied very fast in the aircraft.

A big step forward for disabled passengers, airports and airlines!

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Safety and respect for the disabled traveler.

A safe and dignified way to position PRM passengers into their aircraft seat, without undesirable manual lifting and the risk of injury.

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Relieving airport personnel from repetitive, strenuous manual lifting activities.

No more repetitive, heavy manual lifting of PRM passengers. A professional appearance for the airport and the airlines, and better and safer working conditions for airport service personnel resulting in less sick leave.

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Boarding time efficiency.

Designed for quick transport around the airport, and fast and easy usage in all major aircraft types. No additional time loss on aircraft boarding times.